Police Should Stop Killing Luo People – Robert Alai

By Robert Alai.

In October 2016, IG of Police Joseph Boinett used CID officers to execute more than 11 Luos in Nyanza. In August 2017, Boinett executed 35 Luos in Kisumu.

Today, more than 11 have been shot.

You are arresting demonstrators and charging them with capital offenses. We want you to arrest police officers and charge them with murder too.

IG of Police, you will arrest, jail and kill us but let me tell you for free, you will never ever win people over to anybody by shooting them dead.

You are committing ethnic massacre. You need to stop. You are committing ethnic massacre and I will not sit supporting Uhuru while you are doing this.

These killings are happening as an individual who top police officers says to be PA to Boinett is warning on Facebook that he will kill Luos.

You can’t have Police target a single ethnic group for extermination when demonstrations are all over Kenya.

You MUST STOP. I am NOT begging you sir. Nooo….. !!!!


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