Police shoot dead two suspected robbers in Nairobi

Police shot dead two suspected robbers while responding to a distress call in Buruburu, Nairobi.

A night guard had called the police at midnight to inform them of a robbery at Ngong court in the estate’s phase 5.

“Officers acting on a tip off from a watchman that there were three young men riding on a motorcycle and robbing members of the public. The officers confronted them and challenged them to stop and surrender, but they defied and opened fire,” police said.

According to police, a revolver loaded with three bullets and a homemade pistol with two other rounds of ammunition were found at the scene.

Police say, two mobile phones were also found on the dead suspects.

At about the same time, a different team of officers was engaged in a shootout with a gang in the city’s Hardy estate.

The shooting happened at Sichuan Huash Enterprises on Karongo road.

The officers had rushed there after they were informed of an ongoing break-in.

“As the officers arrived at the gate a thug who was a sentry fired at the officers. The officers shot back but the gangsters managed to escape towards a nearby bush. Area combed but no arrest or recovery was made,” a police report said.

An unknown amount of money and a laptop were stolen from an office within the premises.

The owner of the premises told police that the gang gained entry through the fence.

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