Police officers offered pay increase

Police officers will at the end of this month get a pay increase, National Police Service Commission chairman Johnston Kavuludi announced yesterday.

Mr Kavuludi said the lowest paid constable would get a 19 per cent salary increase while senior assistant inspectors-general would be awarded a six per cent rise.

“This interim increment takes effect in July. Detailed salary adjustments for every rank will be issued by the Inspector-General,” he said.

He added that consultations were ongoing and that the new package would be made public soon.

“This is a temporary incentive to our officers to motivate them manage the elections and provide security to Kenyans,” he said.

Mr Kavuludi asked well-wishers to help secure police stations with perimeter walls, saying the government’s budget was constrained.

“Some citizens have the ability to help and we urge them to do so,” he said.

The NPSC chief said police and some ministries had prepared well for the General Election, adding that he did not anticipate trouble.

“We are happy with police preparations for the polls. The officers have been trained well and equipped to handle any situation professionally. They will not interfere with the elections,” he said at Pride Inn

Hotel, Mombasa after a three-day retreat of the commissioners.

“The commission and National Police Service consulted widely with the Salaries and Remuneration Commission in reaching the pay agreement,” Mr Kavuludi said.

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