Police imposter goes undetected for six months at Uhuru Camp

A police imposter lived, dined and mingled with Administration Police officers at the Uhuru Camp for six months without being detected.

The man identified as Kennedy Mojong Ekale, 26, even had full AP uniform including jungle trousers, camouflage jacket, jungle shirt, a red belt, a lanyard, a jungle hat and a raincoat.

He also had two T-shirts.

The Uhuru Camp normally hosts APs attached to Securing of Government Buildings Unit, under which bodyguards attached to VIPs also serve.

Police officers had on Thursday interrogated the officer on why he never appeared on the duty roaster and why he had never accompanied anyone for assignment.


“This guy has been putting on the uniform, going out alone and coming back to the camp in the evening,” a police constable said.

He said the imposter did not have any friends and used to go out alone, unlike the others who have been going out in batches, mostly being picked by police vehicles.

It is not clear whether and how the man was allocated a house which is usually done under strict adherence to directions from seniors.

“I have never seen him with a gun but it is crazy because this means he has been seeing and hearing what he should not,” the officer said, adding that it was scary to think that an imposter slept with officers who may have had guns and ammunitions.


Lang’ata OCPD Elijah Maina confirmed that the imposter had been in cells at the police station and said he would be arraigned in court on Monday.

This incident comes just two months after a police imposter, Mr Joshua Waiganjo, was released on a Sh500,000 bond by a Naivasha court after over four years in custody.

He had been charged with five counts of impersonation and possessing police uniforms.

He denied the charges.


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