Police dispatched to Mathari Hospital to secure patients

Police have been deployed to Mathari Hospital to secure patients after nurses on strike allegedly released 81 mentally ill patients.

One of the patients seized by police sustained injuries after he was hit by a vehicle on Thika superhighway.

Seventy one others have since been returned safely to the facility by police officers.

A manhunt is on for 10 others still on the loose.


At the same time, police are investigating several striking nurses over the incident.

“A group of striking nurses came to the wards in the pretext they were offering treatment and facilitated escape off 81 mental patients who ran in different directions.

“A search led to recapture of 71 patients,” a police report seen by the Nation read.

The injured patient was described by police as a 37 year old who sustained “facial injuries and bruises”.

The incident is now being treated as serious crime and the nurses involved are scheduled for investigation.

The matter was first reported to police by the hospital’s superintendent.


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