POLICE BOSSES STRIKE AGAIN: Boinnet and Kinoti Excuse Themselves From Attending their Case Explaining Miguna’s Saga

Boinnet and Kinoti Claim They’ll be Attending a Security Meeting


  • IG and DCI file an application excusing themselves from attending the Miguna’s case.
  • Boinnet and Kinoti, they will be attending a meeting on national security.

Following the recent order by Justice Luka Kimaru demanding the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet and Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti to appear in court in person on Thursday, February 15 for the hearing of their roles in Miguna Miguna’s case, the two police bosses have now filed an application not to appear.

According to Boinnet and Kinoti, they will be attending a meeting on national security, despite being ordered by High Court Judge Kimaru to appear in court to show explain why they should not be held in contempt for defying court orders.

Apparently the IG and the DCI have further stated that the three detailed affidavits they filed in court explained their roles in Miguna’s case. According to their affidavits filed at the Milimani Law Courts on Friday, February 9, Kinoti and Boinnet said neither of them acted in contempt of court for failing to produce opposition politician Miguna Miguna in court on Thursday, February 8, as had been ordered by the court.

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The controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna on Monday, February 12 filed a case at the High Court in Nairobi challenging his deportation to Canada and revocation of his citizenship by the state. Similarly Miguna asked the court to suspend the government declaration that he was not a Kenyan and that his presence in Kenya was contrary to the national interest and should be removed from Kenya to his country of origin Canada.
Additionally, the self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement leader also wants the court to grant an order suspending the gazette notice proscribing NRM as a criminal outfit.

According to Justice Kimaru, IG Joseph Boinett and DCI boss George Kinoti had committed an offence in contempt of court after disobeying an order to produce the controversial lawyer in court as ordered. On the same note, the prosecution side stated that even after serving IG Boinett and DCI Kinoti with the court orders, the two had failed to produce Miguna in court.

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IG Joseph Boinett and DCI George Kinoti have filed an application not to feature in court in person during the court hearing of the Miguna`s case

Boinett and Kinoti Plan to Skip Court Hearing On Miguna Case. Are They Disregarding The Court Again? (Details)

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