Police announce May recruitment of 10,000 officers

NAIROBI, KENYA: As the country gear towards the general election to be held in August, the National police recruitment will recruit 10,000 officers.

The recruitment will be done on May 11 and the training will last  nine-month at the Kenya Police Training College in Kiganjo and Administration Police Training College in Embakasi.

Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet said the exercise will take place between 8 am and 5 pm.
He said all the new 10,000 recruits will be bonded to work for 10 years. This is aimed at deterring the new team from leaving the service after graduating.

“Applicants recruited for the training into the service shall be bonded to serve in the National Police Service for a minimum of ten years,” he said.

Those eligible for recruitment must have scored a mean grade of D plus and D plus in English or Kiswahili and must be between 18 and 28 years.

The National Police Service Commission met on Monday and delegated to the IG to conduct the exercise. The exercise will take place at all 292 constituency headquarters.

Some of the recruits are likely to be deployed to cover the August 8 general elections.
This is likely to increase the police population to more than 120,000 but on the other side expected to put pressure on their accommodation.

The recruitment exercise was among activities allocated Sh100 billion in the just read national budget. The money will also provide allocation for the harmonisation of public sector salaries and allowances.

Other allowances catered for include civil service pension, house and hardship allowances, recruitment of 10,000 police officers and the hiring of 5,000 teachers.

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