Why PLO flopped at the Supreme Court and narrated irrelevant stories to bored judges [Video]


You see, even as a poor Banana peddler, I have always taken exception to PLO Lumumba’s prowess in law. I have never taken him seriously.

Yesterday at the Supreme Court, my doubt about him came to pass. The bloke delivered a roundabout of motivational talk.

He elected to pick a preference for circumlocutory instead of forthrightly punching legal holes to NASA’s evidence.

To quote part of his submission, here is what he said

“My ladies and my lords, the people of Kenya on the 8th day of August did express their will. In this case, we were just midwives. Our work was to midwife the process and ensure the child is safely delivered and we did just that. My ladies and my lords, the child is alive and kicking and you are being invited to strangle a healthy baby. Please decline the invitation”

How does this story expound how 800,000 people went to a polling centre and voted for the President only.

How does the above riddling explain why Chebukadinezza elected to declare Uhuru Kenyatta winner with 34Bs only?

How does PLO’s sweet-talk explain why the institution he is supposed to defend, used results from ungazetted polling centres?

You see, in matters pertaining to Law, PLO is just an inconsequent.

Notwithstanding, what I find discombobulating is how Kenyans were foolishly swayed by his rhetorics.

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