Plight of paralysed accident victim paid Sh3000 as compensation

A family in Nakuru is seeking compensation from a Matatu Sacco after their kin was involved in an accident causing him to be paralysed from the waist down but only paid Sh3000.

Mr James Ngumo was involved in an accident on November 14, last year after the motorbike he was riding on was hit by a Matatu belonging to Mwaki Matatu Sacco leaving him with a spinal injury. The Sacco has since paid Sh3,000, only, to Mr Ngumo.

According to a family friend, the owner of the vehicle, Mr George Ngugi drafted a mutual agreement which he made Ngumo to sign indicating that his compensation would be Sh3,000.

“He took advantage of his ignorance and state of pain because Ngumo did not understand what he was signing,” Mr Ngugi said.

The 32-year-old and father of two has been left to live in pain as the open wounds on his legs are yet to heal.

His wife has assumed the role of sole bread winner and depends on casual jobs to put food on the table.

When Nation visited him at the Nakuru Level Five hospital, Ngumo could not talk to us.

His brother John Mwangi who has been taking care of him said they could no longer be of help to him at home and therefore brought him to be admitted at the hospital.

“Ngumo can no longer hold his urine or do anything by himself. I was forced to be his home nurse but the burden has proved to be too heavy for me,” Mr Mwangi said.

He said his health was deteriorating and that he needed urgent medical help.

Ms Judy Wairimu, a representative of people living with disabilities in Bahati Sub County urged the police to investigate the Sacco and even suspend their operations Mr Ngumo is compensated.

“We also want a part of the claim given to the Sacco by their insurance company so that his hospital bills and family are catered for,” Ms Wairimu added.

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