Plenty of work lies ahead in Chan preps

Ah, what good times and the bad times too! Today I want to celebrate Gor Mahia supporters. Men and women who have dedicated their time to support this great team.

I am talking about people like Dodd Kenyatta, a man I have known for the donkey years I have been a member of the Green Army.

People like Phylis Mageka and her sister Vivian Mageka who spend time and money supporting this great team. I salute you all.

Having said that I want to salute my editor Elias Makori for the fine work he did together with his team to bring the World Under-18 Athletics championship to Kenya.

And now this the challenge to my other good friend Herbert Mwachiro and his team trying to bring us the next championship – African Nations Championships. Call Elias and let him tell you how he convinced the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta to bring the athletics championships home.

One thing you will need is goodwill. Lots and lots of it. Talk to President Uhuru Kenyatta, talk to Deputy President William Ruto or talk to the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Bwana Mwachiro we don’t care whoever you speak to so long as you bring the gig home.

Let me get to the bad times. It has been a bad week for yours truly suffering from losing a loved one. Then I am reminded of the case of the AFC Leopards supporters who were involved in an road accident on their way to Mombasa to watch a match.

I am not seized of the facts leading to the accident but this reminds me of our own gang when travelling. Men and women who drive recklessly and dangerously, hanging precariously on bus roof tops, daring all and sundry on the road.

My appeal to Kenya Police is that they should be firm and enforce the law. The mere fact that you are wearing the green and white Gor Mahia jersey does not make you be above the law. Breaking the law makes you a villain the K’Ogalo jersey or not.

I want to see the police arrest these hooligans and take them to court. They should be locked up and the key thrown into the ocean. That is the only way we can deal with these miscreants once and for all.

Finally, signing off I am happy that one of our main sponsors SportPesa has gone to court to challenge the hefty taxes the government intends to slap on betting companies. Without commenting on matters before a court of law all I want to say is that I wish the firm well.

It starts with grooming the best talent in the land and keeping it.

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