Peter Kenneth mulls vying as independent after Sonko defeat

Nairobi governor aspirant Peter Kenneth on Sunday gave the biggest indication yet that he could contest as an independent candidate in the August elections after he lost in the Jubilee Party nominations.

He termed the primaries as a “total farce”, saying that the decision of the party on an appeal he has lodged against Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, who was announced the winner, will not be final.

“When we are through with this (party) process, we must take the next step. Our race has not ended. It has just started,” he told congregants at the Anglican St Stephen church along Jogoo Road.

In the nominations, Senator Mike Sonko won with 138,185 votes against Mr Kenneth’s 62,504. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru came in a distant third with 7,654 votes.

Mr Kenneth on Sunday sensationally claimed that he had been asked to “kneel before a powerful government operative” if he wanted to win.

“We were told that if we do not kneel before this government operative, we will not win. But you cannot intimidate Peter Kenneth. I cannot kneel down before anyone, except in Church before God,” he told journalists after the service.

“And no one can plan people’s destinies. Only God can,” he said.


The 2013 presidential candidate loser said that though he will await the Jubilee Party disputes tribunal, his options were still wide open.

“It is not over until it is over. This was not an election. It was a sham. A total farce,” Mr Kenneth told reporters outside the church.

He said that there were multiple voting that he said was abetted by the party officials.

“People were transported from Machakos and Kitengela, taken round polling stations and they voted multiple times in circular manner, moving from the station and back to the line to vote. Total shame!” he said.

To back his claim, Mr Kenneth claimed that 92 cases have been lodged with the party’s disputes team.

“Just look at the number of appeals lodged to know how bad this election was. Getting 92 appeals from 17 constituencies and 85 wards tells you something,” he said.


Mr Kenneth, a 2013 presidential candidate who had painted himself as the real Nairobian and a manager who will take back to its lost glory, said that his dream was still valid.

“I have seen Nairobi when services were working, when the city worked,” said Mr Kenneth.

Asked if he thought he was the weaker candidate since most of his allies lost to the Sonko-led team, Mr Kenneth insisted that the elections were unfair.

“I did not lose, okay. It was a stolen election. A total farce!” he said.

He, however, said he will await the party’s decision, arguing that there was still time to even do repeat nominations.

“There is still a window to go for it again. We will await that decision and we will cross the bridge on our next move once we hear what the party says on these 92 appeals,” he said.

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