Personalise your space with hand woven rugs

Maintaining these rugs is easy as they can be dry-dust vacuumed or washed with cold water and mild liquid soap. [Wangeci Kanyeki, Standard]

Every country has its traditional mats or rugs but a good quality hand woven rug will add personalised warmth to your space. Usually placed alongside the bed to provide warmth beneath bare feet or placed in a living room beneath a coffee table, hand woven mats in a complementing colour will anchor the elements of the room together. They can be customised in vibrant colours and patterns for use in homes, hotels or offices.

Trianum, a hospitality management firm, used tufted hand woven rugs to furnish the rooms at the recently opened Executive Residency by Best Western, an apartment hotel on Riverside Drive, Nairobi.

Through Beacon of Hope, a community-based NGO, the rugs are made from sheep wool and hand spun by vulnerable women groups and cooperatives in informal settlements in Kibera in Nairobi and Kinangop in Nyandarua. The rugs are made in exuberant geometrical patterns or motifs that are pleasing to the eye. How a rug lies on the floor is important.

Interior designer Terrence Conran recommends that a good quality rug should have underlay if it is going on bare boards. Secure light rugs on hard floor surfaces with mesh backing or nylon bonding strips both to avoid dangerous slipping and to prevent rugs “walking”.

Maintenance is easy as they can be dry-dust vacuumed on both sides. The rugs can also be washed with cold water and mild liquid soap using a soft haired brush or a firm, non-shedding sponge. Strong and harsh detergents should be avoided to prevent the patterns from fading. If properly cleaned and cared for, they get better with age.

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