Pastors sue radio station over ‘secular broadcasts’

A group of pastors in Mombasa County has sued a Christian radio station, seeking to stop it from broadcasting secular content.

Through Marende Necheza & Co Advocates, Mombasa Pastors Fellowship Association wants Coast-based Baraka FM’s broadcast of non-religious content declared a violation of Christian rights.

They have sued the station’s board of directors, Baraka FM Ltd, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) and the Attorney-General.

“The petitioner, being stakeholders, sought the broadcast licence of Baraka FM for the principal purpose of broadcasting the Gospel of our Lord within Coast region,” reads the petition.


The pastors said in 2000 the station was a non-profit religious corporation affiliated with Feba.

In 2010, Baraka FM was changed to Baraka FM Ltd under a Pastor Wafula.

In 2012, Pastor Wafula was appointed by the board to replace Pastor Benjamin Nzimbo as chairman and took over Baraka FM Ltd.

The board then acquired a new tax PIN and began broadcast operations officially in 2015.


“They lost no time in making substantial changes in the station’s programme format and began broadcasting secular programmes,” the pastors further argued.

The clerics said they wrote a letter requesting the station to revert to its original intent and purpose, listing their preferred officials.

In his affidavit, Bishop Jeremiah Mgondison said the first and second respondents have, without right, converted the radio station from a Christian to a secular one in violation of the rights of Christians.

“This is in contravention of the initial and sole intended purpose of the radio station,” he said.


Justice Eric Ogola directed parties to file their responses or grounds of opposition to the suit in 14 days and set the hearing for October 16.

They are also seeking for an order compelling the first and second respondents to produce all statements of accounts of the station.

Justice Eric Ogola directed parties to file their responses or grounds of opposition to the suit within the next 14 days.

The case will be heard on October 16.


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