Parliamentary committees set to scrutinise Budget

Meanwhile, the Transport, Public Works and Housing team is set to continue consideration of the petition by the Kenya Taxi Cab Association calling for regulation of the taxi-hailing business.

The National Assembly’s departmental committees are this morning set to start scrutiny of the Budget for the next financial year.

Parliament is this year having to scrutinise and eventually approve the Budget earlier than usual because of the August General Election.

This morning, the Administration and National Security Committee is scheduled to meet the Principal Secretaries for: Correctional Services and Youth and Public Service and the chairmen of the Public Service Commission, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority and the National Police Service Commission.

The committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperatives is scheduled to meet the Cabinet Secretary, Trade and Cooperatives and later the Cabinet Secretary for Water and Irrigation.

The Finance, Trade and Planning Committee is scheduled to meet the Ministry of Tourism and later the Ministry of Devolution and Planning on the same subject.

Parliament is the only arm of government that is yet to submit its estimates for approval by the National Assembly.

The Judiciary has asked MPs to approve an allocation of Sh17.4 billion while the Executive has outlined its plans to spend Sh2.3 trillion in the next financial year.

Last week, the House approved the Supplementary Budget, authorizing the government to reduce development spending by Sh61 billion, which will instead go to recurrent expenses.

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