Paper maker roots for recycling option

Local manufacturer Chandaria Industries is urging offices and businesses to sign up for waste paper collection as waste paper faces a decline due to automation.

“Three of our toilet tissue lines are made from recycled paper, employing more than 15,000 waste paper agents,” said CEO Darshan Chandaria in a statement.

Since 1985, the tissue paper maker estimates their recycling plant has saved over 22 million trees, reducing water pollution, air pollution, curbing tree cutting and saving energy.

“Paper waste growth has slowed as companies have automated their processes. But the ratio of paper waste is far higher for private companies than for homes and overall municipalities,” said Darshan.

Chandaria recycles office waste in Kenya, and sends brown paper and cardboard to Tanzania for making cement bags.

The biggest paper waste contributors to recycling include Central Bank of Kenya, government and private printing presses, and international organizations.

“Across all our collection networks, recycling our paper resources is an important step in managing our environment,” said Darshan.

Chandaria Industries manufactures Toilex, Rosy and Dawn Pekee tissues from recycled paper. Others are egg trays, counter rolls and brown paper.

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