Outcry as police confiscate phone from Nation journalist

Police at Kwashee pollling centre in Jomvu, Mombasa County have confiscated a phone from a Nation correspondent covering the ODM party primaries.

The police said they were unhappy with journalist Winnie Atieno taking photos and videos of the skirmishes at the centre.

In Mwandoni, Mombasa, police arrested two MCA aspirants for creating disturbance, Mombasa police commander Peter Maelo said.

In Jomvu constituency, supporters of aspirant Dan Aloo stormed Banglesh polling station and destroyed voting materials.

In Mkaomoto polling station in Malindi, Kilifi County police arrested one person on claims of causing chaos.

Malindi MP William Mtengo who is facing a stiff challenge from woman rep Aisha Jumwa for the ODM ticket to run for the parliamentary seat cast his vote at Mkaomoto.

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