Onus on governors to save farmers from middlemen

Now that elections are over and new governors inaugurated, we need to start working seriously in all sectors to make this country better as far as economic development is concerned.

A good example where a lot of concern is needed is the agricultural sector, especially coffee farming.

Reports indicate that coffee earnings increased by Sh2 billion in July last year on high demand from buyers following a shortage of the produce at the auction.

Data from Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE) show the crop earned Kenya Sh14.3 billion compared with Sh12.2 billion realised in the corresponding month last year.

Let’s not forget that about 85 per cent of Kenya’s coffee is sold through the auction with the remainder exported directly to overseas buyers.


Indeed, we fully support our national government, which has been pushing for direct sales to eliminate middlemen who exploit farmers when their coffee goes through the auction.

It’s now upon the new governors to ensure that exploitation of farmers by middlemen is tamed once and for all.

That will go a long way in enabling coffee growers to earn more from their farming.

This is exactly what our country needs to enable hardworking Kenyans to earn what they deserve from their determination and hard work.

Njuguna Kim Meja,Kiambu.

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