Only party register, not IDs to be used in Jubilee party primaries

The Jubilee Party has cancelled the planned use of national identity cards for all voters in the Nairobi County nominations, National Elections Board Chairman Andrew Musangi has said.

Mr Musangi said the decision to use its party register instead of IDs as is happening in other counties was informed by what he said was an attempt by members of other parties to infiltrate its process.

“Given the real and present danger of people who have had a concerted effort to subvert the will of the Nairobi Jubilee voters, we have instructed our officers to use our party register instead of an ID,” said Mr Musangi.

On Monday, the party had said that it will allow all voters who turn up for the Jubilee nominations to vote if they have an ID, even if they are not on the party’s roll of voters.

“Everything else is secondary for us,” Mr Musangi said on Tuesday on fears that not using the party register could invalidate the nominations.

Mr Musangi also said that the Nairobi ballot papers will be different from other counties because of the same fear of members of other parties attempting to influence the decision of the city county voters.

Meanwhile, the party has deferred MP nominations in Matayos (Busia County) and Mandera East constituencies to Friday and Saturday respectively.

In Matayos, Mr Musangi said the change was because of misinformation to voters by some candidates that the nominations will not take place.

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