Ole Lenku dismisses poll putting him behind Nkedianye

Joseph ole Lenku, the Jubilee Party candidate for the Kajiado governor’s seat, has dismissed opinion polls that showed him trailing his rival, incumbent Governor David ole Nkedianye of Nasa, as a case of “money changing hands”.

“The August 8 election will not be won on the basis of doctored opinion polls but on the power of people’s votes.

“We have done our groundwork and are assured of victory,” Mr Lenku said.

Infotrak Research and Consulting had on Friday released opinion poll results for a number of counties including Kajiado, Meru and Kisii.

The poll showed that Dr Nkedianye was leading with 52.7 per cent against Mr Lenku’s 41 per cent.


“Dr Nkedianye, just like his boss Raila Odinga, has sensed the inevitable defeat and [is] issuing all manner of rigging claims while clinging on to dodgy opinion polls,” said Mr Lenku on the campaign trail in Poka Kenyawa Ward, Kajiado East, on Saturday evening.

“There is no way Nkedianye will win in Kajiado. He not only backs calls for the eviction of non-Maasais [but] he has also divided the Maasai of Kajiado along clan lines,” he claimed.

“The only area they have an edge over us is on propaganda dissemination, but not on votes.

“As the campaign period approaches its last days, we are consistent in preaching coexistence and the holding of peaceful elections.

“The people who bought property and settled in Kajiado did so on the power of the peace found here. That peace should be maintained,” added the former Interior minister.

Mr Lenku also sought to dispel fears that Dr Nkedianye has more support in his native Kajiado South.

“Similar sentiments were expressed before the Jubilee nominations, but I thoroughly whipped my opponent then. The most Nkedianye can manage in Kajiado South is 3,000 votes,” he added.

Kajiado South has 60,000 registered voters.

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