Ojaamong and Otuoma clash over corruption claims


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Funyula MP Paul Otuoma

Governor Sospeter Ojaamong and his rival in the governorship race Paul Otuoma have accused each other of corruption.

The two, who spoke in a radio interview, also accused each other of mismanaging public resources.

Otuoma, who is also MP for Funyula, fired the first salvo when he accused Ojaamong of abetting graft in his administration. 

In response, Ojaamong said the MP is not clean either as far as corruption is concerned. “Most of the projects initiated under his CDF stalled and others were condemned even before they were occupied,” the governor said.

Ojaamong also denied claims the county is trailing others in development.

He said despite the fact the county started from scratch, as there no structures, his administration has delivered better services.


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Ojaamong said he has delivered 65 per cent of what he promised in his campaigns.

“Busia is the only county, in the entire country, with solar-powered water pumping machines. We have done our best to ensure we deliver what we promised our people,” he said.

Ojaamong claimed Otuoma visited him at home one day and asked him to give him tenders.

He also claimed most of the companies that have been awarded mega tenders in the county have direct links to Otuoma. He said the MP owns the companies directly or through proxy.

“There are many companies belonging to Otuoma that have received many tenders in the county government and the names of those firms are available,” said Ojaamong.

But Otuoma denied ever meeting governor to ask for  tenders.


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“I have worked in Government and I know how things are done. I hope investigative arms of the Government will take up the matter because for the governor to confess he gives tenders in his house raises integrity issues. It also means public procurement laws were not followed,” said Otuoma.

And while launching his manifesto yesterday, another governorship aspirant Dan Barasa said: “Ojaamong and Otuoma have been friends but differed because of deals in the county government. That was made public during the interview when the governor revealed that Otuoma has been a beneficiary of county tenders.”

Otuoma said the governor was making wild allegation and challenged the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission to start investigations into his claims. 

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