Oil Libya –Bellevue Station, Has Con Attendants, This Is A True Story

Oil Libya –Bellevue Station has Con Attendants

At exactly 4:50 am on Friday 22/09/2017, I drove into Oil Libya Petrol Station at Bellevue. I parked on the rear fuel pump where I signaled the fuel attendant to fill my car with fuel worth ksh. 3,000. As a custom, I always look at the fuel pump to see whether I’m getting value for my money. On this particular day since we were travelling out of town with a colleague, I had requested him we meet at the same petrol station. I delved into my phone to alert him that I was at the station. A few moments after placing the fuel nozzle into my car tank (and as I was on phone) the fuel attendant proceeded to clean my windscreen (never mind it wasn’t dirty). After cleaning the windscreen, he proceeded to remove the nozzle and approached my window where I parted with ksh. 3,000. Normally, fuel worth ksh. 3,000 is about 30 litres (half of my car tank). That morning my tank was a quarter full, meaning an additional of 30 litres would have been more than half the tank and consumption-wise that could have covered more than 300kms.

After parting with the ksh. 3,000, I moved for about 10 metres and allowed my colleague to occupy the driving seat as we exited the petrol station. After driving for about 90 kms, my colleague asked me where we were going to refuel to which I responded that there was no need as we had enough fuel to bring us back to Nairobi later in the day. He then signaled me to the dash board light showing we were running short of fuel! But didn’t I fuel an hour or so ago? That’s when it dawned on me that the fuel attendant never refueled my car. All along we have been driving on the quarter tank that existed before getting into Oil Libya!! So I realised.

That evening after getting back to Nairobi, we drove straight to Oil Libya where after inquiries I was directed to a Mr. Njogu, who after listening to my ordeal promised to investigate and get back to me. After two days, without the promised communication and failure to pick my calls, I went back to the Station where I met Mr. Njogu who admitted that indeed the CCTV cameras captured my car at the station, the duration I stayed and the movements of the fuel attendant but had very little to do to help my cause.

I reminded him that I was not only seeking the ksh. 3,000 rip off but alert the management to be wary of their employees who are out to fleece their customers. He seemed unperturbed. So, next time you want to fuel, be wary of Oil Libya Petrol Station – Bellevue. Always keep an eye on the fuel pump!!


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