Official business of Parliament ends June 15

MPs have begun finalising the business of the current term of Parliament as the clock ticks down to June 15, the day both Houses are set to hold their last sittings before the lawmakers go on their final recess.

With the term of Parliament ending on the day of the General Election, the MPs in the National Assembly and the Senate will continue to earn salaries, but no sitting allowances as no sittings will be held.

Either House can however be recalled for a special sitting if the need arises.

Over the next five days, the MPs are set to deal with any urgent pending business.


Today in the National Assembly, MPs are set to approve the last batch of extra spending for the national government via the Supplementary Budget. The Budget Committee has already recommended the approval of the Budget.

The Senate is scheduled to reconvene on Tuesday next week for its last three sittings. Over that time, that House is expected to approve the two Bills required to release funding for the county governments.

These are the Division of Revenue Bill approved by the National Assembly last week and the County Allocation of Revenue Bill, which can only be processed once it is decided how much the counties are to get.


Progress on the Division of Revenue Bill was delayed by a deadlock between the National Assembly and the Senate on how much the counties should get. The National Assembly had approved a Budget of Sh323 billion while the Senate wanted the amount increased to Sh353 billion.

In the National Assembly, the Jubilee Coalition yesterday started the process to change the law on election offences to make it easy for it to showcase its achievements over the last five years. In his proposed amendment to the Election Offences Act, Majority Leader Aden Duale proposes the deletion of a clause making it illegal for a sitting public official to use his achievements to campaign.


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