Officers injured, assailant killed in foiled attack on AP post in Kombani, Kwale County

A multi-agency police team has early Friday foiled an attack at an Administration Police post in Kombani, Kwale County and killed an assailant.

The unit comprising of AP officers, the Quick Response Team and regular police repulsed the attackers said to be nine and killed one of them.

However, during the 2am attack, three officers were injured and rushed to a hospital in Mombasa where they are receiving treatment.

Coast Regional AP Commander James Akoru said the attackers were armed with machetes and spears.

“The police officers were manning a road block which is near the AP camp.

“Two of our officers were hit at the back and one was slightly injured. One of the attackers was gunned down immediately, forcing the others to flee,” said Mr Akoru

Mr Akoru said the attackers are believed to have been on a mission to steal guns from the police post.

“We suspect they are members of the Mombasa Republican Council who were on a mission.

“It is clear that our officers are on high alert and we will not take any chances. Let them know that,” he said.

A contingent of police officers has been deployed to Kombani and its environs to track down the suspects who escaped, he added.

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