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Be Serious: You Will Lose A Lot if Not Sworn in, ODM Chairman Warned Raila

ogn Mbadi, ODM chairman warned Raila
Jogn Mbadi, ODM chairman warned Raila

John Mbadi, ODM chairman warned  Raila Odinga, the opposition leader ahead of controversial swearing in

-The chairman argued that Raila is facing a challenge of losing followers if not sworn in as already planned before

-Jogn Mbadi added that the National Supper Alliance supporters are not ready to wait anymore, to see Raila sworn in

As he was addressing the media at Parliament building on Monday, January 8, Mbadi revealed that a lot of plans had been put across a head of the controversial swearing in of Raila Odinga as people`s president, already planned on  January, 30, 2018.


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He also assured that there is no division on Raila Odinga`s planned controversial swearing in.

I dont think there is any division. I know all of Raila`s advisors and I have not heard of them saying he should not hold on,” he reported.

The Suna East MP and the ODM chairman warned Raila that he had no alternative except to be sworn. He urged of any further controversy in the planned inauguration.

I am very candid to say that this is beyond Raila Odinga. I would tell you if Raila Odinga is not going to allow the exercise of swearing in to take place, he is likely to lose many supporters, and anyone will be able to run away with that support base,” warned the chairman.

Mbadi`s remarks just roll in a few days after the NASA had announced a series of compaign across the country to pave ways for January 30, inauguration.

Earlier, NASA supporters suggested immediate swearing in of the NASA principal Raila Odinga but, the leaders pledged for more time


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