Nyong’o sends top county officials on compulsory leave

Kisumu Governor Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o Thursday sent home top officials in the county government, in what he argues is a move to re-organise his administration.

In a press briefing, Prof Nyong’o said 14 chief officers and nine county executive committee members had been sent home on compulsory leave even though it was not clear if they will be re-hired.

The governor said the officers have already been given letters and have been asked to hand over to their directors in the various departments.

“We arrived to this decision for transition issues of accountability. No harm done, I am just ensuring nobody misuses their responsibility because they know they will not be in the current government,” said Prof Nyong’o.


He pointed out that he was keen on having a team that will efficiently and effectively implement his manifesto.

He said the county assembly is likely to sit late next week after gazettement of members or early the following week when they will be electing a Speaker.

“By the time we will be getting the county public service board to publish, advertise for the recruitment of the new chief officers, quite some time would have lapsed. We do not need the old officers to continue being in office for that long. Directors can handle [the offices],” said Prof Nyong’o.

He added the suspended officials will be required to avail themselves when called upon to answer questions related to their portfolios.

“The officers are responsible for [their] actions while they were in office,” said the governor.

Prof Nyong’o said he will be appointing his cabinet soon.

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