NTSA’s new set of breathalysers prints drivers alcohol levels, says official

The new breathalysers that NTSA acquired on Thursday can instantly print alcohol level results of drunk drivers.

Duncan Kibogong of the transport agency on Friday said there are 21 such gadgets in Nairobi.

He said 40 others have been distributed to officers around the country.

“The gadgets are better than those used before and captures more data.”

The NTSA official said the equipment were acquired with support of partners to ensure safe users on the road.

He said the authority will heighten crackdown on drunk drivers after acquiring the additional 50 breathalysers.

“As NTSA and government, this is not going to be business as usual and things have to be stepped up.”

“We are telling Kenyans that it is time to change,” Kibogong said, “So as we proceed, we will be asking Kenyans to observe laws to ensure safety.”

The official said most of the accidents [25 per cent] are attributed to drunk driving.

He said the anti-drunk driving campaign has seen reduction of road fatalities.

Kibogong said 1,774 people died on the roads since beginning of the year until August 17, being a reduction from 1,920 last year.

He addressed the media at the NTSA offices where he demonstrated the use of the gadgets on Friday.

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