NTSA to publish names of traffic offenders who skip court

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has said it will start publishing names of motorists who flout traffic rules

NTSA Road Safety Director Mr John Muya said most minor traffic offenders fail to attend court after they are found flouting set rules.

Most of the offenders, he said, are given cash bail or notice to attend court but they fail to do so.

“We have warrants of arrest for these offenders. We will publish their name, car registration number, traffic offence and where the offence was committed,” Mr Muya said on Monday.

He said the names will be published in local newspapers from next week.

He said the minor offences include speeding, overlapping and obstruction.

Mr Muya said drink-driving is not a minor offence and offenders are not granted cash bail.

He also said the agency has intensified checks over the festive season.

He said the authority will enhance speed checks, drink-driving tests and motor vehicle inspections during the season.

Mr Muya said the festive season that is usually characterised by increased accidents.

Statistics from the authority show 2,655 people have been killed in road crashes across the country between January 1 and November 27.

In the same period, 9,335 people were injured in accidents.

The authority recently cautioned motorists to be careful over the festive season

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