Nonini speaks out after best friend is arrested for drug trafficking

Kenyan rapper Nonini has spoken out after his best friend, Tanzanian Chidi Benz, who was arrested on Wednesday after being caught with heroin.

Benz and six of his friends were caught in Ilala, Tanzania, and arrested after President John Magufuli’s government ordered police to raid the area.

Speaking exclusively to Word Is, Nonini said: “I haven’t gotten in touch with him (Chidi), but I tried calling him in the morning, I couldn’t reach him. I have read from the blogs but I haven’t confirmed.”

Asked if he knew whether Chidi had gone back to taking drugs, he said, “No, I never knew.”

Nonini said he’d reached out to Chidi when he was deep in the throes of drug addiction. “I once brought him to Nairobi when he needed treatment na nikampeleka rehab. I just wanted him to get out of the addiction.”

The two did a collabo called Get Down. Nonini said he featured the Tanzanian star in the song because “Chidi Benz ni rafiki yangu. Mimi nikifanya collabo na mtu lazima akue rafiki yangu. The chemistry in the studio, you have to be friends. When you are not friends the song won’t come out as genuine and real.”

Word Is asked Nonini how he felt now that after bringing him for rehabilitation, Chidi still had not reformed.

“Again I cannot comment about blog stories. Mimi najua Chidi, akiamua kufanya kitu since he said he is clean and has a new song with Q Chilla, I know he is clean. Akiamua kufanya kitu yeye hufanya. I cannot comment about that until he tells me. He is like my best friend from Tanzania.”

Nonini added that he has stayed away from drugs all his life and is only dedicated to his music and charity work.

“Mimi nimezaliwa mtaani lakini drugs are not my thing. I don’t depend on any high. My high is my music.”

This is not the first time Chidi Benz has been caught with drugs. On October 14, 2014, he was caught with hard drugs at the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, as he tried to fly to Mbeya Province, Tanzania.

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