Nkaissery burial: Stone throwing, insults won’t add you votes – Uhuru

Insults and chaos days before August 8 elections will not add any vote, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said.

Speaking during the funeral service of Joseph Nkaissery, Uhuru said the youths who attack Jubilee and NASA leaders at rallies must stop the acts.

This followed the incident where NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga’s motorcade was stoned in Thika on Thursday. A day earlier the ODM leader faced resistance in Kabarnet.

DP William Ruto was also heckled during their tour to popularise Jubilee Party in Nyanza.

The DP was openly rejected by the crowd.

The youths shouted against Ruto forcing him to hand over the microphone to the President.

“Mimi naomba wenzetu, Democrasia ni kuhurusu mtu anene yake hata kama huyapendi, wacha aseme,” Uhuru said on Saturday.

(My plea to Kenyans is that democracy is about allowing people speak their mind even when you don’t like them)

Uhuru said there was no need for youths from all political quarters to throw stones at leaders.

“…naomba supporters wangu na wa rafiki yangu Raila, hakuna haja ya kurusha mawe na matusi. Matusi haitaongeza kura, ngojea siku ya kura lakini usikize wote,” he said.

(I urge our supporters and those of Raila to know that there is no need to throw stones and insult opponents. Insults will not add you any votes. Wait for election day then make a decision on who to back)

The visibly agitated Uhuru said: “We don’t have another Kenya.”

“Wacheni wanasiasa waseme wanayosema, hata kama hukubaliani nayo. Uamuzi wako utafanya kwenye debe,” he said.

(Let politicians say what they can…your agreement or vice versa can be expressed at the ballot)

Uhuru asked Kenyans to go back home and wait for results after the cast their votes on August 8.

“As we approach the election, I ask Kenyans to emulate the example of our brother Nkaissery. Naomba wakenya tuwe na amani na tuhubiri amani,” he said.

(Let us preach peace taking after the steps of our brother Nkaissery who loved the same)

During the Thika incident, the police fired teargas canisters to disperse the violent youths who accosted Raila as he was addressing residents atop his car.

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Eulogising Nkaissery

Uhuru said he will continue with the works that Nkaissery started in his family.

“Mimi nitasimama na familia yako, nje ama ndani ya serikali. Jua ya kuwa uko na ndugu … tutahakikisha ile mradi mlianza imemalizika.. wale watoto mlikuwa mnawasomesha, tumewasomesha,” he said.

(We will stand with Nkaissery’s family. Know that you have a brother in me. Let’s ensure his projects are complete and the children he was sponsoring complete school)

He said the family should count on him “not as the president but like a younger brother” adding that Nkaissery was an honest person.

“Nkaissery was honest and straightforward person. He could not fear to say what he thought was right,” he said.

Uhuru said Nkaissery was not concerned with the political or tribal affiliations of those he met and worked with.

“I know if there is someone who would serve Kenya without any discrimination is Jemedari (General) Nkaissery,” he said.

Noting that Kenya is grateful for his life and the time he spent with Kenyans, Uhuru said they all received that news with shock.

“Only God knows why He took our colleague at this time. We do not ask God questions,” he said.

Uhuru said the evening before Nkaissery died, he spoke with him and he had no problems or complications.

“Sikujua hiyo ilikuwa safari ya mwisho. Kwa mama, Mungu peke yake ndio anajua kwa nini amemchukua mwenzetu kwa wakati huu,” he said.

(I did not know it would be his last day. Only God knows why he took our colleague at this time)

Uhuru, DP William Ruto and NASA presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga led Kenyans in paying their last respect to Nkaissery.

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A somber mood engulfed the funeral service which was led by the Baptist Church and the late CS’ home in Bisil, Kajiado county.

Nkaissery died at Karen hospital in Nairobi after a rare heart attack.

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Nkaissery was born on November 28, 1949 and at the time of his death, the CS was aged 67.

He was an MP from 2002 to 2014, when he resigned to become CS, Internal Security and Coordination of National Government.

Before joining politics, Nkaissery served in the Kenya Defence Forces, rising to the rank of a Major General.

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