Nine-year-old abducted, attacked and left for dead

Lying quietly in the hospital bed in the paediatric ward at Mediheal Hospital, Nakuru, is nine-year-old Faith Nduta, probably reflecting on the ordeal that saw her end up where she is.

Beside Nduta is her mother, Esther Wanjiku, who is trying to feed her as they await for the doctor to examine her in what has become a routine for the past four days.

On September 17, Ms Wanjiku, a single mother, was at home in Pyrethrum estate, Bondeni, Nakuru town, doing house chores when her daughter requested to go outside to play with her friends.

Moments later Ms Wanjiku, a snacks vendor in Nakuru town, came out to check on her daughter but did not see her.


She thought her daughter was in the company of other children in the estate. She did not know that a terrible thing had befallen to her only child.

Shortly thereafter, she received a call that her daughter had been found near Ndarugu in Nakuru West in critical condition.

The minor was found with her stomach slit. Some of her internal organs were dangling outside her body as she bled profusely.

Ms Wanjiku only managed to catch up with her daughter at a local hospital.


After First Aid performed by well-wishers, Nduta was taken to a number of hospitals within Nakuru town.

Shockingly, she was turned away in all them, because Ms Wanjiku could not raise admission fees.

Thankfully, well-wishers intervened and she was admitted at Mediheal Hospital where she underwent surgery.

After spending a day at the hospital, the Standard Three pupil was able to narrate her ordeal.


Ms Wanjiku said her daughter narrated that two men and a woman found her outside her house and dragged her to a waiting car.

They then blindfolded her before they forced her to ingest a substance as they drove away with her.

They later dumped her at an unfamiliar place.

Nakuru OCPD Joshua Omukata said detectives are following crucial leads that will assist in apprehending the abductors.


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