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Ruto Tells Off Uhuru for the first time, over 2022 Politics




The rift between Uhuru and his Deputy Ruto becomes even more wider. PHOTO/The Star

The alleged divide between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto has become clearer after the DP told off the President over 2022 campaigns.

William Ruto in his Kalenjin speech urged that there is no problem scheming for 2022 presidential race, a contradictive sentiment to President Uhuru`s call to him to stop early campaigns and concentrate on nation-development.

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According to DP Ruto, even the Christians do prepare for the second coming of Jesus, yet they are not aware of the day nor the hour. Deputy President spoke in Eldama-Ravine during a fundraiser for 35 churches.

You plan for today and the future … And that is why when we go for these public rallies, they [MPs] say we are in Jubilee and organized for tomorrow. Is there a problem with that?” Ruto asked amid cheers.

“Do you know the date of going to heaven? But you have faith that we are going to heaven? So with this 2022 which we know the date, the week and the month, is there a problem when we plan?” DP asked again.

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This was a clear indication that the DP and his boss are not reading from the same page. The Deputy President has been going around almost every week donating money to churches, something that many people connect to 2022 elections


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Kenya Botswana ties to strengthen after State Visit

Waiswa wafula



The Botswana head of state on his three-day state visit, was formally received on Tuesday morning by President Kenyatta at a colorful ceremony at a State House Nairobi. President Masisi received a 21-gun salute and a parade of honor, preserved for visiting Heads of State.

The meeting between the two heads of state witnessed the signing of agreements which cover three key pacts between the two countries; bilateral trade, air transport and ICT.

The non-double taxation agreement was also signed signed by Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma representing  Kenya and Internal Affairs and Co-operation Minister Unity Dow representing  Botswana.

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Botswana vows to support an endorse Kenya’s bid for a seat at the UN security Council once the opportunity arise later in the year out of “trust” that Kenya would support it, too, in other international bids.

Botswana will vote before Kenya votes itself in. This is out of a desire to further nourish our friendship because we trust you with your willingness to engage with our issues that need broad discussions at the United Nations,” he said during a briefing with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Mokgweetsi Masisi said his private talks with President Kenyatta and the bilateral meeting between their respective delegations goes to strengthen the close historic ties between the two countries. This is seen after the signing of an unimplemented MoU between the states in 2006.

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In 2018, Botswana exported goods worth 182, 406 U.S. dollars to Kenya and these goods mostly consisted of vehicles, tractors, articles of textiles and plastics, according to statistics published by Xhinua.

“I wish to reiterate Kenya’s commitment to continued co-operation with Botswana, both at the bilateral and multilateral levels, to further deepen our bonds of co-operation and friendship,” President Kenyatta said at the breifing.

Deputy President William Ruto was also in attendance.


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Horrific Plot to Kill Classmate Over Boyfriend Leads to Arrest of Form Two Girls.

Mercy Odhiambo



Three form two students in Makueni Girls’ School found themselves in hot soup after their evil plan to poison their classmate over boyfriend was uncovered.

It is alleged that the two girls aged 15 years had ratified a plan to poison a classmate with chemicals stolen from the laboratory over a squabble that was unsolved.

The boyfriend allegedly fought over schooled in the neighboring boy school, Makueni Boys and is believed to have been snatched away.

The story details the main suspect who recruited her two friends to help in executing the plan and serve as a lesson to the victim.

Hell broke loose after the trio argued and one decided to snitch on the whole plan before it was put into action.

Evidence revealed that they had already stolen Hydrochloric acid which was to be put on the victim’s plate and kill her instantly.

The prefects after uncovering the details of the horrific plan, reported to the teachers who involved the authorities leading to the arrest of the trio.

Schools have recently changed from learning institutions to a place of gymnastics and shenanigans.

Gone are the days when schools were focused with one goal, to get education and prosper in different aspects of life.

There has been a worrying trend in schools where undisciplined students crop up, revive illegal activities and go unpunished.

Schools have been burnt due to small misunderstandings such as permission to watch football or copy examinations.

This is wrong and more should be done to put students in their exact place and restore the sanity in schools as well as safety.

Killing a classmate over wrangles regarding boyfriends should not be condoned in schools leave alone being executed.

Schools are for learning and imparting knowledge, not looking for boyfriends nor planning stupid executions regarding the same.

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Mombasa Magistrate Saves the Day.

Mercy Odhiambo



Court Ruling.

A Mombasa based magistrate shocked the court today by delivering justice in the most unique way and expressing acts of kindness.

During a court ruling, a woman pleaded guilty of shoplifting weaves from a supermarket that had her liable for a two year sentence or fine for Ksh. 50,000.

The 19 year old is believed to have involved in the act in one of Mtwapa’s supermarkets where she shoplifted two weaves before being caught and arrested.

As part of her explanation, the lady narrated that she wanted to look beautiful and fit in like all her friends although she did not have the funds and came resided from a poor background.

Therefore, as her solution to look beautiful, she opted to steal the weaves and look different.

Shoplifting and theft are illegal and punishable by the court of law.

After her judgment was delivered, the senior magistrate Patrick Odhiambo resorted to the most unusual action.

He politely directed the court and those who were available to help the young lady in clearing the fine so as to avoid jail time.

At 19, a jail sentence would have distorted her life and done ore harm than good.

This was distinct and has never happened in the history of Kenya.

He voluntarily asked the people present to contribute Ksh. 100 each as part of compensation for the supermarket.

The lady exhibited happiness and relief for being  out of the flames as well as the congregation in the court room.

People were moved by the acts of service as it does not happen on a daily basis.

In the recent past, petty thieves have been the ones receiving harsh judgments while big wigs in government went Scot free.

Billions have been lost to corruption but so far, none of the suspects have been prosecuted nor sentenced.

On the other hand, an elderly woman in possession of bhang was sentenced to life imprisonment while a chicken thief close to 10 years in prison.

Although the judge was lenient, he emphasized on importance of being oneself and not try to fit in as it had consequences.

He ideally advised against any forms of theft insisting that people should work hard for anything they wanted in life.

Although the law often catches up with people, to some it is more lenient and slower, like the corrupt government officials who are busy laundering public funds.

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Government Smacks Rotich and Thugge with a 15M Cash bail, suspends them from their Offices until Case is Complete

Simba Watkins



National Treasury CS Henry Rotich and  Permanent Secretary Kamau Thugge smacked with a  r Sh15 million cash bail after being arraigned at Milimani Law Courts over multi-billion Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal. The two, alongside others were appearing before Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti at Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi.

The cash bail terms were heavy to an extent the defence team lawyer Kioko Kilukumi requested the court to release the suspects on bail on reasonable terms under the law. He said that suspects were entitled to bail unless there are compelling reasons to deny them. Kilukumi argued  CS Rotich had co-operated with the law enforcers and had met the requirements of a suspect being investigated.

Others released on cash bail were PS Susan Koech (6M), the tender committee members for the dams projects and Nema director general Geoffrey Wakhungu were released on Sh750,000 bail.

“Most of the Kerio Valley Development Authority staff are very junior employees. Please don’t generalise their situation, some of them are really junior staff,” said  Lawyer Kipchumba Murkomen, who was part of the defence team.

Lawyer Katwa Kigen, appearing for former Kerio Valley Development Authority Director David Kimosop requested the court allow him more time to present his client for plea taking because he had travelled outside the country.“David Kisosop travelled to Congo and he was supposed to have landed on Saturday. I requested him to come earlier and he said that by Thursday he shall have landed. I am requesting to present him on Friday for the plea,” said Kigen.


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