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Miguna Miguna throws a Bombshell on Raila’s swearing

Intrigues and behind the scenes meetings that led to the swearing ceremony





Miguna Miguna on an exclusive interview with Jeff Koinange of Citizen News opened up to more insights and behind the scenes abracadabra leading to the swearing ceremony that took place at Uhuru Park on January 31, 2018.

He got an opportunity to summarize his his book titled Treason – The Case Against Tyrants and Renegades, he narrated all the planning and the execution of the swearing ceremony and the back door intrigues ,and claims that he was the lead and master planner in all the sessions. In a nutshell he claims that it was him who convinced Raila Odinga to take the oath which was by itself was considered treason.

By extension the other three principles, Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetangula, and Kalonzo Musyoka skipped the event and Miguna calls them cowards who can’t stand a test of time and defend their fight against corruption and inept regime which has downtrodden the common man for over fifty years they’ve been in power since Kenya attained her independence in 1963.

In an apparent admission to an astonished Kenyan viewers, Miguna admitted to have voted for President Uhuru Kenyatta a nemesis and foe but turned friend to the Former Premier, Raila Amollo Odinga who currently enjoys state rapport with the President and has become the number one defender of his policies.

Miguna Miguna laughs off this arrangement of the Handshake which brought Raila and Uhuro,and poignantly points out his prophecy which he claims has come to pass that Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga are cut from the same cloth. They can’t transform Kenya. Kenya needs transformative brains and people willing to take risks and fight for real democratic space which will in essence create a viable space for a robust economy.

On conclusion Mr. Miguna Miguna wants able and patriotic Kenyans to join him and his National Revolution Movement to change Kenya forever so that all Kenyans can enjoy their Country’s resources without the status quo dictating how the resources are shared.


My Mission is to inform readers around the globe about the state of affairs in politics, economy and social issues in Kenya; and provide a platform for open and diverse discussions on all topical issues concerning the wonderful country of Kenya and beyond.

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Horrific Tragedy as a Kenyan Man Visiting US drowns and dies in Maryland




Kenyan Man Drowns in Maryland, USA

Baltimore County fire department and police were called on Wednesday at around 6:00 pm in the evening that a man was drowning at the Golden Ring Park Fontana lane. He was rushed to Franklin Square Hospital in a very critical condition and passed on later that evening.

Local police officers from Baltimore County are still piecing together information and investigation on what really happened to the Man before he was found drowning in the pond.

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The Man who hails from Nakuru Kenya, was  identified as John Omar Hassan who recently arrived  to the US in April ,2019 presumably to visit his relatives.

Prayers and funeral arrangements are daily held at 1226 Berk Avenue, Rosedale, Maryland 21237 to enable his body to be transported back to Nakuru, Kenya.

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Griffin Gutwa an 18-year old student dies mysteriously on a plane

Aspiring doctor mysteriously dies on flight home for holidays




Griffin Gutwa was a freshman at the University of San Diego pursuing a Medical career path and interested to be a Neuro-Surgeon to help the less privileged died mysteriously on a plane

The Kenyan-American family in Minnesota, USA are yet to come to terms with the sudden death of Griffin Gutwa

Mr.Griffin Gutwa (Babu) as he was commonly called is a son to Mr. and Mrs. Gideon K Gutwa of Burnsville Minnesota and nephew to Mr. Omweri Kebwato of KDRTV.

Griffin Gutwa wanted to help the less privileged in the society by providing them with affordable medical care. He always talked of returning to Kenya where he was born to help alleviate poverty by starting non-profit organizations to cater for the less fortunate in the society.

On Thursday night he was in high spirits to meet the family and friends, he spoke with the Mother and assured her that he will be traveling the next day to meet them and he went further to remind her to tell his Father and siblings to pick him from the airport by 6:00 pm on Friday evening.

Griffin’s family were very eager to meet him too and were already at the airport that evening to meet him, but immediately they arrived at the airport they found out that the plane from San Diego was delayed and were told to come back after one and half hours later not knowing that the plane made an emergency landing in Sioux Falls South Dakota when their son collapsed on-board the flight

When the family returned back to the airport for the second time they were stopped by three policemen which shocked them because they didn’t anticipate to get that encounter from the policeman and had very many questions ringing in their minds; did their son commit a heinous crime or had they flouted any traffic rules ,so they had to stop and follow the instructions from the Officers. The policeman called Griffin Gutwa name and everyone in the car was astonished and compounded the anxiety and desire to know exactly what’s happening.

They were taken to the Airport police offices ,and the news they received is still piercing their eardrums and cannot fathom or comprehend that their beloved son is no more. The Father tore his shirt and started running towards the door but fortunately the doors are locked from the outside, so he could not access the waiting bay.

They were told that their son requested for warm water one hour after the plane was midair from the take off and was seen napping by the passengers seated next to him, but after a little while they saw him gasping for breath ,and they informed the flight attendants to come to his aid.

The flight attendants requested the services from any trained medical personnel who immediately started to perform first aid commonly known as CPR, which we are informed lasted for 45 minutes while the Pilot was looking for the nearest airport to make an emergency landing of which he did at Sioux Falls South Dakota and met with paramedics who continued to do perform CPR using the Defibrillator and took him to Stamford Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Griffin Gutwa touched everyone he interacted with, he was soft-hearted, soft spoken, very brilliant, respectful and a smart student. He was a Member of the Pathfinder Club at the South-View SDA Church in Minneapolis and helped with the Sound System or PA for the Church whenever he was requested to assist.

When the KDRTV Crew visited his home in Burnsville Minnesota; a somber mood engulfed the whole community who knew him, others were crying uncontrollably while others were reeling in shock as they still don’t understand what really happened to this young age who was to turn 19 Years in April next year.

Griffin Gutwa’s Pastors and Elders at Southview SDA Church Minneapolis are also in shock as to what happened to him but are continuing to counsel  Griffin’s family and friends at their resident every evening.

His cause of death is still under investigation and an autopsy report is yet come out due to the festive season it might be delayed a little bit, but the community at large want to know exactly what caused the young brilliant and promising student demise too soon in his life.

Click below to support the Family with any amount of support

You can also reach The Family at + 1 952 212 8981 or 952 855 6555

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Thin Razor action, response and Dash by Police saves woman from being Axed

Police broke door and found her husband on the act





A Kenyan – American woman is recovering in ICU after being brutally attacked by her husband after a domestic brawl over an issue yet to be disclosed. Mr. Joseph Kinyanjui, 66 years old,  is being held at Olmstead County Jail in Rochester Minnesota and a conditional bail of $ 500,000 ( Kshs. 50 Million) was set for him.

Police were called at around 7:00 pm to a house in 5100 block of 54th Avenue Northwest by a woman in distress and their swift, quick and razor blade action saved the woman by cheating death narrowly by a whisker and rushed to a nearby hospital with life threatening condition.

Police had to break the door to gain access into the house and save the woman from an irate and angry husband who wanted to kill her. Police officers found him on the act but their pleas to stop him  bore no fruit and had to taser him in order to immobilize him from continuing with the act.

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He was arrested and taken in to custody to await either first and second degree assault charges. A woman 40, standing outside the house with her four year old  child, whom Police say is the daughter to the couple was the one who made the call according to Rochester Police Captain  Casey Moilanen. Mr. Joseph Kinyanjui had locked the house from inside before starting to brutally assaulting his wife of  over 40 years.

Cases of domestic abuse are increasingly becoming common in the Kenyan immigrant population as Community and Church Leaders are grappling with the best methods to curtail this disturbing trend which has affected many families socially , psychologically and emotionally.

The most affected with this trend is the growing children who are left to live without proper parental care  , discipline and love because in most cases the affected victim is never allowed back in the family’s house.

In the case of a young family with kids going to school the affected parent is given only a weekend to be with his or her children and sometimes under supervised situations where a peace or Police officers are present in the vicinity.


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A Former Resident of USA living in abject poverty after wife kicked him out of his own Home

He regrets selling his property in Kenya and loving a woman he believed loved him




A Kenyan man in his late 50s is living in abject poverty in Kenya after his wife kicked him out of a house he bought in Texas USA, after he was forced to relocate to Kenya.

Mr. Kariuki Gatheru, not his real name, lost his entire life savings and a house he bought cash after selling his own property in Kenya. Life started well for Kariuki when he landed in USA, working three jobs and decided to sell a property his Father gave him, and bought a house in a leafy suburbs at the outskirts of Dallas city.

Life was merrier when he married a West African woman, took her to college and sired 2 children with her but things started going down the drain immediately he solemnized his marriage with her. His wife started dating other men but when the Husband questioned her, she immediately filed for protection and things went south for Kariuki.

His only solace was alcohol or binge. He tried to get his wife’s family to intervene but they never bothered ,telling him to sort it out with his wife while they knew very well that they are not in good terms with her. Most of her Family members moved into his house and there’s nothing he could do about it.

He got several DUI tickets and his license confiscated and had to relocate to Kenya hoping to start life a fresh but things have never been easy for him. Most of his friends abandoned him, the few who stayed by his side have been assisting him but the little they send him can’t sustain or help him pay most of his basic needs.

He regrets selling his property in Kenya and loving a woman he believed loved him but in turn has made his life miserable and unbearable.

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