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New Year Resolutions Part 1

Why Do They Often Fail? – Part 1

 By Sheillah Maonga,

Lifestyle Writer, KDRTV

One of the many staples at the beginning of each year is the resolutions. A lot of people feel compelled to mark the start of a year with a list of things that they promise themselves to do (or not to do) as a means of improving the self. These resolutions are personal and the list is as long as a piece of string.

So, why do we make these resolutions in the New Year in the first place? Why not make them at any other time? After all, the year has 365 days. Why do we only choose the first day/days of the year to draw up these resolutions?

The answer is simple. It is because we see the beginning of a year as a symbol of starting afresh. A new beginning. A blank slate in which we can write on it whatever we want. It is all about drawing a line on the year that’s gone past and starting anew all over again. It is akin to getting rid of your dirty soiled used clothes at the end of the day; and looking in front of you is a wardrobe full of clean new clothes waiting for you to help yourself to your heart’s content.

So, these resolutions, do we stick to them? At the end of this New Year, when we will look back, will it be with contentment, maybe a little bit smugness that we met everything that we put down on our list at the beginning of the year?

Or would we have used the list long time ago to light up the fire therefore have no recollection of what was on it?

When you look at 2017, the year that’s just gone, did you stick to your resolutions, if you had them?

(If you did, then you are a rarity and you need to write an article about it by way of celebrating the accomplishment of this no mean feat.)

If you didn’t, (this is where the majority of people fall) what makes you think that you’ll stick to your 2018 resolutions?

Is it better just to have no resolutions at all, if the default is that we are not going to stick to them?

Or is it better to have resolutions; even if we know, from past behaviour, that we are unlikely to stick through with them? That by March, we would be lighting the jiko using that accusing list.

Research has it that a lot of people do not accomplish their resolutions. At the beginning of the year, they subscribe to these resolutions with so much zeal and gusto. They are fiercely loyal to them. They are committed. Then, by around March, the energy considerably wanes and by December, the resolutions normally are long forgotten. We gave up on them a long time ago and it no longer bugs our consciences anymore. Therefore, we brazenly and optimistically wait for the next New Year to draw another brand new list of resolutions.

Why do we not keep our resolutions? Why do we fall off the bandwagon?

That is what I will address on the next article.





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