By Oginga Randiki

The West led by the US has not been a bystander in Kenya’s election woes. This is not because it is incompetent.It is because the US, UK and EU are out to protect their entrenched security and commercial self-interests.

The events unfolding in our country is a product of a fast-moving, fluid situation in a country that is deeply polarized ethnically and in the midst of a social and political revolution. In such a situation, no outside power is going to accurately predict what will happen, nor should it try to do so.

Yet, the US and UK are actively predicting a peaceful country after 26th October 2017 Jubilee national election. I believe Kenyans should be left alone to determine what will happen in Kenya and then the outside world e.g the US, UK and EU countries will deal with these Kenyan realities.

Kenyans are certain that the US, UK and EU are the devil hand behind their electoral woes that has pushed the country to its worst political and constitutional crisis since independence fifth five years ago.
Election bunglings have been producing illiberal regimes led brutal tyrants since 1969 that abuse human rights, corrupt tyrants, crushing economic freedom, banning free media, promoting police terror and violence, extra-judicially executing opponents and court witnesses, jailing political opponents and conducting ethnic cleansing.

When it was Kenyatta it was Americans. When it was Moi, it was Americans. When it was Kibaki in 2007, it was Americans. When it was Uhuru with his 2013 electoral fraud it was Americans. When it was Uhuru with his algorithm series of illegalities and irregularities in 2017, it was Americans. When now Kenyans demonstrate against IEBC that commit electoral fraud after every five year that result in deaths of innocent citizens including babies, Americans are also involved.

My view is that it is now time for NASA to revise it’s policies, adjust it’s priorities and turn to the one and only solution for change: DEFIANT or RESISTANCE.

I think this is the only thing Kenyans can do right now to remove the tribalistic and autocratic regime. There is no need of making a deal. We made a deal with the devil before, and that was the Party of National Unity in 2008 and we all know the cost.

It Jubilee has become a two-tribe-outfitl, single-minded and high-handed. Uhuru is adept at getting around the mechanisms of democracy supported by multinational corporates. Kenyans have the right to choose how they operate their democracy. Yes the precedent is street politics now.

The street is now the ballot box, the crucible of power. Of course we must set a precedent for transferring power not by the predetermined power of the ballot box, but by the Masses. Elections in Kenya are: POINTLESS.

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