Nasa supporters in Diaspora supports Jimi Wanjigi association with Raila

NAIROBI, KENYA: Members of the Kenya Nasa diaspora campaign secretariat, have defended Jimi Wanjigi on his association with National Super Alliance.
Joseph Lister Nyaringo, Nasa’s diaspora man in charge of strategy noted that in a democracy, it is the people who define the type of leaders they vote for or associate with.

“Businessman Wanjigi, in exercising his democratic right, has chosen to support Raila Odinga for President in August,” Nyaringo, based in New Jersey, USA said.

He termed as grotesque, the picture painted on Wanjigi’ personality by a section of the media early this week left a lot to be desired. 

“I’m not trying to question the authenticity of what the media said about Wanjigi but the dossier left both friend and foe with questions than answers,” Nyaringo said. 

The group’s chairman, Fred Osewe noted the timing of the dossier on Wanjigi is suspect since he has already been mentioned many times to be associated with Raila’s presidential bid. 

“What is even more ironical is why the media failed to bring out the dossier when Wanjigi was supporting other political parties,” Osewe said.

 Victoria Bett, who deputises Osewe condemned the trend of vilifying individuals who associate with Raila as not only barbaric but a travesty to freedom of association.

“Both Raila and Wanjigi are Kenyans who should associate freely and make political decisions independently without raising eyebrows,” she said. 

She said Raila, like any candidate running for office cannot vet the integrity of those who support him if at all the issues raised in the media about Wanjigi integrity is something to go by.


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“It must be remembered that Wanjigi, has never served in government. Never been board member of any private or public corporation. Secondly, he has never been hounded in a court of law to be judged of any offense,” Bett said.

Robert Ndede, said that if all the financial dealings Wanjigi is associated with were true as per the media, how come he has not been judged in a court of law.

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