Nasa set to launch manifesto

The manifesto is built on four key pillars: a united nation, government of, by and for the people, a caring nation and an equal opportunity nation.

It also promises not to play “hide and seek” with doctors, teachers and nurses.

The opposition alliance is scheduled to launch its manifesto on Tuesday evening, promising a clean break from the past and a rebuilding of the country if it takes power from the Jubilee Party after the General Election.

Nasa was originally scheduled to launch its manifesto on June 19, a week ago, but postponed it to respect the last 10 days of Ramadhan, a fasting period for Muslims.

The event is scheduled to start at 5pm at the Jamhuri Showground.


“We believe that we have the resolve to build a nation from the ashes of colonialism and single party dictatorship, oppressive regimes based on divide and rule, politics of exclusion, exploitation of the many by a few, corruption and more importantly the robbing of the people of their humanity and dignity,” Nasa says in a draft of its manifesto.

Under the first pillar, the key pledge is to have an inclusive government, with fair representation of women, men, youth, the disabled and people from marginalised groups.


There is also a pledge to recognise an additional nine tribes: Waswahili, Ilchamus, Elwana, Munyoyaya, Waata, Boni, Dushnak, Sakuye and Segeju.

In its second area of focus, the alliance promises to create a national heroes’ trust and to settle or compensate all internally displaced people.

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Overall, Nasa says it will create a “responsive, respectful and efficient public service” where civil servants would be well paid and recognised.


The three groups of civil servants have at different times been at loggerheads with the Jubilee administration over salary increases.

The coalition also pledges to implement austerity measures, abandoning the fleets of expensive cars that have become a permanent feature of government and ensure transparency and not to tolerate conflict of interest.

“The culture of impunity will end on day one,” it says in the manifesto.


On agriculture, Nasa’s pledge is to make it possible for small-scale farmers to increase their productivity and ensure production of a surplus that they can then sell.

On health, the pledge is to create a Universal Health Service Fund into which the money to fund the operation of health facilities in the Budget will be channelled.

On education, the plan is to abolish secondary school tuition fees.


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