NASA plans to disrupt polls, Jubilee Party’s Raphael Tuju claims

Jubilee Party Head of Secretariat Raphael Tuju

The Opposition is frustrating efforts by the electoral commission to ensure a free and fair elections, Jubilee Party has claimed.

Jubilee Party Head of Secretariat Raphael Tuju also sensationally claimed that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had shared its comprehensive technology details with NASA.

Mr Tuju said the details given to NASA should also be made available to Jubilee and other political parties. Any future engagements between IEBC and the Opposition should be formal and channelled through the Political Parties Liaison Committee, the former Rarieda MP said.

Jubilee claimed that a letter by NASA’s lawyer James Orengo claiming IEBC cannot conduct a legitimate election was part of attacks aimed at the electoral body to discredit the August 8 polls.

 Planting Hurdles

Tuju claimed that the Opposition was planting hurdles on IEBC’s path to ensure that it does not meet its timelines and thus get grounds to question the credibility of the election.


NASA to IEBC: How ready are you to referee next General Election?

He said NASA leaders were making a series of damaging allegations to ensure the public loses faith in the commission.

“It is evident that the Opposition fear defeat and wish to disrupt the ballot. Their goal is clear – to call into question the whole process and eventually the results, in a calculated move to force their way into power,” he claimed.

He added: “The accusation that there is no time now to conduct a fair election in August has been carefully planned. That is why there has been deliberate antics specifically aimed at destabilising IEBC.”

Tuju accused NASA of using “cynical acts”, saying it had succeeded in blocking the procurement of voting technology and ballot papers and further thwarted IEBC’s appointment of the audit firm, KPMG, to scrutinise the voter register.

“It is very clear that the principal architect of disruption to the election calendar is NASA, though it seeks to blame it on IEBC.”

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