NASA insists that IEBC should make public voter register

NASA yesterday continued to mount pressure on the IEBC to publish the voters’ register for public scrutiny four weeks to the August 8 General Election.

The opposition officials said they have evidence the current register has millions of ghost voters and that in regions allied to NASA, voter details have been switched to far-flung areas.

“On the same note, we wish to call on the IEBC to make available the report of the verification of the voter register, because we have received reports that in certain regions such as Western and other NASA strongholds, voter details have been switched to far-flung areas such as Wajir, without the consent of the voters,” ODM secretary general Agnes Zani (pictured) said.

Speaking at the Okoa Kenya offices in Nairobi, NASA warned that the register was crowded with ghost voters to manipulate the election outcome.

“It is for this reason that we demand IEBC avails the voter registration report for public scrutiny and help us plan for the coming elections effectively,” Zani said.

The officials of ODM, Wiper, ANC and Ford Kenya dismissed the KPMG report on the voter register audit, terming it shoddy.

“Our focus remains credible and fair elections that will allow Kenyans choose the leaders they want,” ANC secretary general Geoffrey Osotsi said.

He said Section 33(1) of the Elections Act, 2016, requires the IEBC to make the voter register available at its registration centres, ward and constituency offices.

“We have reasons why we should have the register in advance so that we can prepare,” Osotsi said.

The team urged their supporters not to “fall for this unethical and undemocratic act” by selling their ID cards to Jubilee operatives.


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