Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper has bolted out of Raila Odinga’s planned swearing-in ceremony.

Wiper deputy party leader Farah Maalim and national vice-chairman Mutula Kalonzo yesterday dismissed Raila’s Tuesday oath as an ‘impossibility’ and one that is a ‘recipe for chaos’.

Maalim distanced himself from the swearing-in, in what has opened windows of friction in NASA over Raila’s radical move. The oath is expected to attract confrontation from the country’s security apparatus.

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Fred-Matiangi-1 NASA in SHOCK as Kalonzo BACK-STABS RAILA ODINGA

Speaking during a local morning television show, Maalim said as a lawyer, he is keen on having the country’s political stalemate solved through a constitutional means.

“I am somebody who has a legal background and I would like to uphold the law. I have not been part of the process or agreement that finally came into pushing for the swearing-in,” Maalim said.

The former House deputy speaker said he is hesitant to endorse the swearing-in, cautioning NASA to use other methods, but not conduct an oath. Kalonzo’s party later tweeted that it supports Maalim’s position.

Kilonzo, who is also the Makueni senator, when asked if Raila’s swearing-in would really take place, he said, “It cannot happen”. His response signalled none-involvement of Wiper in the oath taking agenda. Kilonzo indicated Raila’s running mate Kalonzo will not be available for the swearing-in next week.

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“No,” he responded in a text when asked if the Wiper leader was planning to attend the fete. Mutula visited Kalonzo last week in Germany where the Wiper boss is attending to his sick wife.

ANC Musalia Mudavadi’s aide Kibisu Kabatesi differed with his colleagues on the legality of the process, saying the process is well anchored in law. “

When we are following Article 1 on people’s sovereignty, we have both county and national levels. Counties have expressed their preference and they said they do not recognise [President] Uhuru Kenyatta. With that, the people can swear in whoever they deem fit,” Kabatesi said.

“If it wasn’t serious and not possible why was [NASA strategist David] Ndii arrested?”

Nyando MP Jared Okelo (ODM) said the Tuesday event will go on as announced by the NASA leader and dismissed Maalim’s sentiments as a job -hunting tactic.

“When Jubilee’s illegitimate government goes about killing and maiming innocent protesters, stealing elections, intimidating judicial officers and engaging in roughshod corruption, which law were they respecting? Sovereignty of the nation is with the people of Kenya, and they are saying they will swear in their president on December 12,” Okelo said.

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