NASA full of lazy storytellers with nothing to offer Kenyans – Uhuru

President Uhuru has chided the NASA brigade, labelling them storytellers who have nothing to offer Kenyans.

Speaking during the launch of the Sh6.1 billion Changamwe-Mariakani dual carriageway in Mombasa on Wednesday, Uhuru said the change NASA has been pronouncing is negative.

“We are not storytellers. Storytellers are those who have been in government, some for more than 35 years, yet today they tell us mabadiliko (change) on their posters.

“What change takes us back when we want to move forward?”

Uhuru noted he respects Opposition leaders but they should not go around lying to Kenyans.

Ati vindu vinchenjaga. Chenjaga nini? Wakwende, waache maneno yao (They claim things are changing. What change? They should stop saying that),” said Uhuru.

Uhuru also scolded Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho who has been using the tag ‘They promise, We Deliver’ on his campaign material.

“I see your Sultan saying ‘we deliver’ but Mombasa is stinking. Is that the delivery? Let us tell each other the truth,” Uhuru said.

The President ‘apologised’ to Mombasa residents for laughing at their Governor, whom he said lacks understanding because of his education level.

“When you see me laughing please forgive me because when someone insults you thinking you will lose sleep, it makes me laugh. I will sleep and wake up to my job the next day,” said Uhuru.

He said Joho, and by extension, NASA’s ‘kiosk’ is empty.

“His kiosk has nothing to be sold. If it had, his job would be selling his policies or the goods in his kiosk. But because it is empty, he must insult the one whose kiosk is full,” said the President.

“Which kiosk will you go to? The one which has no flour, sugar…nothing or the one that wants to serve Kenyans, which is Jubilee?”

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On March 31, Uhuru asked Joho to stop following his around as if he is his wife.

He said the Governor Joho should showcase the development he has executed in the county using Sh40 billion devolved funds.

Speaking during the launch of Mtongwe ferry services, he dismissed allegations that the national government was scheming to starve the county of resources.

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