NASA condemns shocking murder of Chris Msando

NASA leaders say Msando was assassinated

Chris Musando was reported missing on Saturday

His body was later found at city mortuary 

NASA condemns the assassination of Chris Msando, the deputy director in charge of IEBC’s data centre.

In a press statement NASA leaders condoled in profound sorrow with his wife, family and loved ones, as well as all Kenyans who have been horrified by the heinous murder meant to subvert democracy in the country.

Msando was responsible for the entire body of electoral data that is the basis of next month’s election, including the Kenya Integrated Election Management System (KIEMS), including voter identity, verification, results transmission and the entire electronic tallying process.

“Chris Msando’s brutal killing was an attempt to drive a dagger into the heart of the forthcoming election, and indeed a dagger into the heart of Kenyan democracy. But we are totally confident that this terrible crime will accomplish the opposite and strengthen all Kenyans’ will to demand a free, fair and credible election.”

The NASA leaders said Chris on television last week assured Kenyans that they need not worry about the KIEMS system as he was sure it would work.

“Despite our grave concern about the implications of this murder and other recent developments, NASA would like to re-emphasize and reiterate its commitment to participate in the general election on 8th August. As we have saying repeatedly on the campaign trail, our supporters must turn out in large numbers without fear, as there are too many of us and we cannot be intimidated”,” read part of the statement.

The leaders said that on the 9th of August, there will be a NASA government and all Kenyans, whether belonging to NASA, Jubilee or any other party, will be assured of the fullest protection of their security from then onwards.


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They urged the IEBC Commissioners to soldier on and redouble their determination to provide Kenyans with the most transparent election in history. 

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