Nasa Coalition Responds to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s last Speech

NASA Coalition  Responds to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s last speech to Kenyans

Fellow Kenyans we take this opportunity to thank you all ,and by extension your readiness to demonstrate your democratic right to vote and hoping that your vote counts.

We watched in horror,disbelief, and greatly appalled by the President’s speech to the whole Nation, when in the first instance he started listing one by one the purported achievements by his Administration.

To take you back a little bit, the days for campaign were over and the President was breaching the constitution when his speech was basically full of Jubilee’s manifesto which they’ve been using in campaign forums.

Secondly the President as a Christian, who even prayed recently in Uhuru park for the whole Nation startled us by peddling lies and propaganda in his speech. When a President of Kenya start telling Kenyans that he has delivered in Healthcare when every Tom, Dick and Jerry or Wambua, Cherono and Wanjiku knows very well that Kenya’s healthcare system is in it’s death bed or knees is pure political manipulation and miasma of the highest degree.

Let us remind the President because maybe no one  has not reached him and told him  that Kenyan Nurses in public Hospitals have been on strike for over two months now, so when he tells Kenyans that  his administration has made strides in Healthcare and he has never even dared to listen to Nurses pleas and CBAs which his own personnel sign and disown when produced in court is an injustice to the Kenyan people who deserve better from him and should apologize for that.

When the president is riding on Kibaki-Raila infrastructural achievements as his key achievements proves that he is not in touch with his own conscience and raises lots of credibility in his words as the Chief Executive for the Kenyan government.

He is making it sound funny and hypothetical when he is claiming that Kenya is on the right track when the debt of the Kenyan government is now over 3.9 or nealy 4  trillion Kenyan Shillings.Remember that When Kibaki and Raila Odinga were in the coalition government major infrastructure were seen in this Country like never before and the borrowing was very minimal.

You’ve talked or advised Kenyans not to be intimidated and vote without any fear while your own security apparatus is exactly doing the opposite.

We’ve read on the papers that SGR workers are downing their tools because lack of salaries.

Kenyan corruption index has increased to alarming rates and in your Anti-corruption session held in State house you said you’ve got nothing to do. So it’s high time you resigned honourably or be forced by voters to do so because you’ve nothing to do in alleviating the suffering Kenyans are forced to undergo from day to day skyrocketing prices of basic commodities and not receiving services they need to get as the constitution dictates.

Fellow Kenyans it’s time to focus on rebuilding Kenya by participating in a democratic process without fear or intimidation.

The constitution guarantees that you participate in the process.

And Credible, transparent and fair election = Peace.

So the Government should ensure Kenyans have peace by ensuring that the Process is done without intimidation.

Thank you All.


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