Nakuru voters urged to reject independent candidates

Jubilee Party candidates in Nakuru County have urged voters to reject those contesting as independent candidates as they cannot be trusted to support the government after the elections.

They alleged that it is possible for independent candidates to vote against government-sponsored motions once elected into Parliament because they are not party members.

The candidates, led by Lee Kinyanjui (governor), Charity Chepkwony (Njoro MP) and Liza Chelule (woman rep) made the remarks as they campaigned in Nakuru.

“The independent candidates should not lie to the voters that they will work for them once they are in Parliament.

“The president and his deputy will not be able to deliver if they do not have a good number of MPs under Jubilee,” said Ms Chelule.


Mrs Chepkwony said the number of MPs elected under the party will play a major role in forming the government.

“We have seen it before, where there are contested presidential results and a presidential candidate is disadvantaged if his party has [a small number of MPs in Parliament],” she said.

While calling on voters to turn up in large numbers on Elections Day, Mr Kinyanjui urged candidates to maintain peace as they campaign.

He noted that some candidates have resorted to writing abusive messages on social media while others have been destroying their opponents’ posters.

“Some of the candidates have been using social media to spread hate messages against their opponents. I would like to urge them to use proper language to woo voters without causing disunity,” said Mr Kinyanjui.

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