Nakuru Kalenjin, Kikuyu MCAs split over speaker’s seat

The newly elected 55 MCAs in Nakuru are a divided lot on which community the next speaker should come from.

The 16 Kalenjin MCAs have accused their Kikuyu counterparts of planning to impose a speaker from their side.

They want the speaker to be a neutral person even as the two communities are yet to agree on the working formula.

Kikuyu MCAs want the speaker to come from their community on grounds they are the majority.

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In the previous county assembly, the speaker was Susan Kihika – a Kikuyu while her deputy was Kipkoros Tuei- a Kalenjin.

The seat of the speaker has so far attracted a host of contenders with the front runners being Maina Kairu, clerk of the county assembly Joseph Malinda, former Subukia legislator Nelson Gaichuia, Ann Njeri, Zack Njeru and Waithanji Mutiti.

An MCA who asked not to be named said that Nakuru is a cosmopolitan county where anyone can be elected as speaker.

The MCA said tribal inclinations should not be used to define which community the next speaker should come from.

“It is true there is that division but it is very wrong to start playing tribal cards on choosing the next speaker,” the MCA said.

However, Governor-elect Lee Kinyanjui said the next speaker must come from the Jubilee Party.

Kinyanjui said the party has the majority MCAs and thus they deserve to appoint the next speaker of the assembly.

“Just like the national assembly, Jubilee, which had the majority MPs, elected the speaker of the both houses,” he said on Thursday.

Kinyanjui sentiments were echoed by the Nakuru Jubilee Party chairman David Manyara.

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