Nakuru inmates learn agribusiness skills for future

Nakuru main prison has introduced training in integrated farming to prepare prisoners for business life beyond prison.

Senior Sergeant Richard Waweru said inmates are equipped with basic agribusiness skills and other crafts including masonry,electrical wiring, plumbing and carpentry.

Waweru said that a small plot measuring 40 by 80 feet can hold rabbits, chicken, fish and still grow a variety of vegetables, tubers and cereals.

Of importance is the possibility to construct a “storey” farm where one can plant vegetables at the top level, rear rabbits and chicken in the middle while droppings from the chicken and urine from rabbits are collected in the fish pond below the model farm.

The droppings and urine act as food for the fish because they facilitate the growth of algae.

Waweru said most urban farmers have adopted the integrated farming method and are able to make quick cash as well as save on costs of purchasing vegetables. He encouraged those with small size farms to adopt the method to make use of space.

Most prisoners, after leaving the correctional facilities, are able to start small agribusinesses which enable them to make a living.


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