Nairobi meet to discuss Africa digital agenda

Government leaders from across Africa are in Nairobi to discuss digital transformation on the continent.

The two-day event hosted by technology giant Microsoft will address the firm’s quest to empower sectors like agriculture, health, justice, transport, public finance and shared services, through digital transformation.

During the meeting, Microsoft will unveil some of its key solutions on offer to drive the digital agenda.

“Changing demographics, with a youth bulge in Africa and the rise of millennial workers mean a greater demand for better, more streamlined services,” said Country Manager Microsoft Kenya Kunle Awosika in a statement. 

The meeting will explore how cloud-based solutions allow African governments to make sure their infrastructure can not only handle their burgeoning populations, but also actively improve economic health and quality of life for citizens.

Discussion will focus on using cloud for social good and how the wave of innovation from cloud computing can benefit all.


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Microsoft representatives from across the Middle East and Africa will also focus on transformation within specific sectors, while participants will also discuss challenges, opportunities and best practices for services such as payments of taxes and bills, applying for government benefits, drivers’ licences and registration of names.

Working sessions will address a number of successful case studies from governments and public services throughout the world.

Agrar Smart Agricultural Solutions Chief Executive Nour Shwaky will introduce his smart solutions in agriculture at the meeting.

Devin de Vries from WhereIsMyTransport will will also showcase his unique transport solution.

By adopting a single, cloud-based platform that can accept data in any format, for any mode of transport, WhereIsMyTransport provides an integrated approach to facilitating real-time communication and engagement between cities, transport operators and passengers.

With all data in a single place, cities are able to leverage analytics and reports to optimise their systems. WhereIsMyTransport operates in Africa and other emerging markets and currently has data for over 20 cities.

Botswana Postal Services (BotswanaPost) will also exhibit the results of its system upgrade with the help of Microsoft Services.

Using the service, the State agency in just 18 months deployed a private cloud infrastructure, upgraded core infrastructure software and deployed new communications solutions.

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