Nairobi County officials under graft probe

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is investigating Nairobi County Executive for Finance Gregory Mwakanongo and Chief Officer Luke Gatimu over payments made as legal fees.

EACC Deputy chief executive Michael Mubea said the two officials are under investigations dispelling rumours that they had been arrested.

“No arrests have been made by EACC officers, however, City Hall chief officer for finance Mr Gatimu has on several occasions recorded statements over questionable payments made to Koceyo and Co Advocates amounting to Sh71million,”read a statement from the EACC.

The anti-corruption agency has been investigating staff in the county finance department after queries were raised by the Auditor-General.

An internal memo dated July 20 this year from the county attorney`s office to Mr Mwakanongo stated that Koceyo & Company had received payments totalling to Sh71.8million between January.

“This was revealed when we requested for a schedule of payments made on account of legal fees for the last financial year 2016/17,” the letter stated.

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