Nairobi City takes measures to cut water shortages

Nairobi County has announced an ambitious plan aimed at addressing perennial water shortages.

Water Executive Peter Kimori said the county had identified three options of generating more water.

“We will dig wells around Ruai, drill large high-yielding boreholes and collect and store flood water,” he said on Sunday.

City residents have been subjected to rationing occasioned by dwindling levels in Ndakaini Dam.


Rationing was to end this month but the Aberdares water tower has not received enough rain.

Mr Kimori said the number of boreholes in Nairobi would be increased to 140 from 79 in the next financial year.

“We hope the northern collector tunnel will be completed in time to plug the gap,” the executive said.

He added that the county government had initiated a scheme to provide affordable water to residents by installing pre-paid meters in high density areas.

“We have installed 210 meters and we want the number to increase to 1,200,” he added.

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