My wife starves me, she refuses to cook or have sex: Ugandan man


A man has petitioned the court seeking to terminate a six-year-old marriage after accusing his wife of cruelty, refusing to cook for him and denying him sex.

Mr Geoffrey Matovu, who filed the divorce case in the Family Division of the High Court on October 12, accuses Ms Tryphena Nakiyingi of being abusive and disrespecting him. This has irretrievably broken down their relationship, he said.


“That the respondent (Nakiyingi) has never prepared any meals at home since solemnisation of their marriage, thereby starving the petitioner and the children. It is only out of the service of housemaids that food could find its way to the table,” Mr Matovu states in a petition.

He alleges that the marriage, formalised in December 2011, became sour when his wife became hostile towards him.

Mr Matovu accuses her of denying him conjugal rights and sexually starving him.

“The respondent uses abusive and insulting vulgar language, which belittles the petitioner. The petitioner is also always compared with other men. Sometimes the respondent refers to the petitioner as stupid and backward and that she uplifted his status by getting married to him,” the petition adds.


Mr Matovu alleges that Ms Nakiyingi threw their matrimonial ring into a dustbin to express her disgust about the marriage when he complained about communications between her and her former boyfriend.

“The respondent allowed her relatives, especially her father, to run their home, including making basic domestic decisions like where the children should receive medical treatment from, whether the house maid should wash the petitioner’s clothes,” Mr Matovu says.

According to the petition, Mr Matovu is a human resource manager and Ms Nakiyingi is a lawyer.

Mr Matovu states that he and Ms Nakiyingi formed two companies but on several occasions she refused to sign company documents that were critical for the running of the businesses.

Mr Matovu wants the court to dissolve the marriage, grant him custody of their two children and compel Ms Nakiyingi to sign relevant company documents for the running of the business.

Ms Nakiyingi has been summoned to appear before court in person or by an agent to respond to the accusations in the divorce petition.

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