Mutua wins most awards at Ngong’s Seasonal Hurray

Needless to say, the awards were presented by primo Veterinary Officer, Vejay Varma, who tirelessly assists in every way possible, with any proceedings at Ngong.

Onesmus Mutua, almost swept the boards clean, either directly or indirectly.

He was capital trainer, his apprentice, Michael Micino, capped most improved rider/best apprentice, and, owner, Justin Mburu, topped other major supporters, like Mary Binks/Mim Haynes/Carol Bremner/Yogi Patel/David Ansell, plus plus.

Hawker Fury, not only attained a Triple Crown, but he was three-year-old boss, and, Horse of the Year.


Patsy Sercombe’s, Navy Seal, was coolest two-year-old, while Steve Njuguna’s, Flash Harry, advanced as primary Sprinter.

How about Richard Kibet being Champion Jockey, ahead of Patrick Mungai and James Muhindi?

Bruce Nightingale is always the greatest breeder, but others who did not attain prizes, should also be regarded in highest esteem for their continuous reinforcement.

Don’t forget to offer thanks to office back-grounders and Stewards, ensuring constant smooth running of the game.

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